Preacher: Hi, I need to talk some more about God and Jesus,

Me: Okay.

P; Well God being divine and perfect as only he is got his whole creation process wrong. He in his wisdom kept making things worse and worse. After courageously killing innocent men women and children by drowning them in a horrifying flood of love God realised that he had a serious anger problem. Although humiliated by this, he was lucky enough to have saved a 950 year old guy called Noah and two of every animal and apparently some T Rex’s in a big wooden boat full of every germ known to mankind and huge containers full of large lumps of excrement. By this loving act life could still exist and God’s mistakes would be hidden. well, for a while.

Me; Wow, he sounds like a really courageous God. His cowardly act sounds like the epitome of supreme morality!

P; Yeah, God is good! Praise the lord! Anyway, God had gotten to the point where the wickedness of mankind created by him which mankind hadn’t really committed had become a burden to him again. But, because God was such a perfect deity in his failings he decided to have a son to do the dirty work for him. His son was to come and save mankind who didn’t need saving.

Me: Oh, wow! That was good of him.

P; Yeah, God because he has supernatural power and could do anything he wanted gave birth to his only begotten son because he couldn’t have more than one.

Me; Oh, Okay, that makes sense,

P; Of course it does. It is prophesised in the Old Testament : Isaiah 7:14 The “virgin” (almah) shall be with child and his name shall be Immanuel”. But for simplicity’s sake and because it doesn’t make any proper sense we just call him Jesus. He was born in the time of King Herod, although King Herod had died in 4BC before Jesus was born, King Herod sent soldiers out into Bethlehem to kill all the children 2-years-old and under in his attempt to kill Jesus. So all these innocent young babies and children had to die brutally by the sword so that Jesus could survive. How loving is that?

Me; Holy lord that is an act of pure devotion!

P; The story gets even more interesting because Jesus then impregnates his own mother called Mary in order to give birth to himself.

Me, Wow What an amazing Mofo!

P; Oh no please watch your language! It was the word that did the business because his mother was and remained a virgin even though she had given birth.

Me; But surely a human baby came out of the vagina?

P; Well yes and no, because Jesus is God who isn’t God who is the Holy Ghost by not being the Holy Ghost and hence makes it very easy for everyone to understand.

Me: But semen would be needed to  impregnate  his “Own” mother in order to produce himself as flesh,

P; Ah, but remember, Jesus is God who isn’t God. Jesus is “Immortal” and has been existing for ever and a day even when Jesus didn’t exist because God hadn’t created him yet.

Me: Yeah that’s easy to understand. It’s a good thing he’s not illegitimate or a bastard,

P; No Siree! Jesus Christ, the Son of God, He is the first-born of all “Creation”!

Me; Hmm, hold on, If Jesus is the “First-born” of all creation – then  doesn’t this document that Jesus was “Created”? Doesn’t this dispel the myth that God can NOT be created?

P; Ha ha, No of course not. just listen to me, and ignore you’re instincts and especially ignore those history and science books because they will make you think objectively and produce evidence!

Me; Uh, okay, that sounds like wise advice,

P; Jesus came to save mankind by being crucified in a bloody pornographic mess by wiping a clean slate for mans sins that man did NOT commit. This meant that through Jesus man could finally get back to God so that God would not get the humiliating slap for his incompetent failings and murderous deeds.

Me; Cool! Amen!

P; Jesus also invented a new loving device called Hell. Although he likes to pass the buck by implying that it was really Satan’s fault. God and Jesus being so all powerful are Omniescient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent and have unbeatable power and that is why they could’nt defeat Satan by having people sent to the flames of hell where they would burn forever for God and Jesus’s own full proof plans going to pot.

Me: God and Jesus are sure a good loving and clever team!

P; God set a new plan in motion that couldn’t be changed. God made a plan for his gullible son to die brutally for mankind’s innocence.

Me; Yeah, I understand and is that why Jesus was begging for God to stop it all and sweating blood in the garden of Gethsemane. Was jesus praying to himself to stop what he had put in motion himself and he knew that he couldn’t stop. So his praying wouldn’t have worked because he would have known that he would pray to himself to stop what he knew he could’t stop because he had set it in motion by his own plan?

P; Yes, exactly, That’s the beauty of free will. When everything is pre determined our free will frees us to enjoy our destiny that is pre ordained. That is why God gave us our pre ordained free will that we can’t control in the first place in the Garden of Eden. It gives us control of our lives that we can’t control because God has already scripted it in a plan that can’ t be changed. A plan thats gone to pot!

Me: Yep, that makes perfect sense. I don’t know why everybody doesn’t follow this religion!

P; To complete the story, jesus being “Immortal” died for mankind’s sins that mankind hadn’t created.

Me: But isn’t there a problem here?

P; What problem?

ME; If Jesus is IMMORTAL and Jesus is God then he CAN’T DIE?

P; Hmm, therein lies the crux of the christian dilemma, Even at it’s root christianity fails, but we skip over that because most believers don’t question it. Anyway if they do we can just shun them!

Me: What a loving religion this is. But, I do have more questions, and I really do have to clarify some points with you.

P; Amen, go ahead brother, I am here to serve God!


A nasty ‘Orrible’ Atheist butts in and it all get’s a bit serious…..

Atheist:  Surely, Jesus could’t have died for anybody’s sins because if Jesus is IMMORTAL THEN JESUS CAN’T DIE AND CAN’T RISE AND CAN’T COME BACK TO LIFE!

P; Um, in theory yes,

A: Okay. But If we have to get to the God of the Old Testament [otherwise who is the God you are talking about?] through Jesus who can’t die so he can’t resurrect and can’t save himself yet alone us from what we haven’t done wrong in the first place because it was Gods incomprehensible plan. Hmmm, then what has jesus achieved?

P; Faith! Brother!

A; In what? Isn’t Jesus  just a “Middle Man” and a CREATION to get back to the God of the old testament who will do with us as he pleases anyway. Jesus serves absolutely NO PURPOSE. Isn’t Jesus a big a failure as his dad God?

P: Not if you have faith brother!

A: The only sins that Jesus could die for would be his own because it is his dad God’s planning  that caused all of the problems in the first place. Gods planning is the problem.

P; Hey, God is good remember?

A; I am saying that people are going through Jesus to get to his dad God who will treat them exactly the same as he would in the OT. That means that God can’t make judgements because God cannot trust himself . God can’t take responsibility for himself and God has to pass the blame for his own ignorance. God also contradicts himself in every account at every opportunity and at every juncture wether biblically or in someone’s imagination of who or what God is. God let his own family member take the pain for him. There are hundreds of denominations and each believes that they have the ONLY real God and Jesus.That means that everyone is going to hell including God and his son Jesus  because they are not  in all actuality DEFINED. Each definition of God is in accordance to the mind of the person and denomination making it.

P;  Our church and our God is the correct one. We know this because God has spoken to us and chosen us.

A; But isn’t your God and Saviour really your EGO.

P; I know the answer to save you, dear atheist!

A; What’s that?

P; Prayer, Pray to the Lord!

A;  Surely, If you turn to prayer then you are saying that you don’t have the faith that you wish to have or pretend to possess. Also, that would go against Gods plan that is already set in motion?

P: No,no, no God doesn’t work like that, he works in mysterious ways that we don’t know or understand.

A; You can only speak in your head TO YOURSELF there’s no one else there. It is simply wrestling with your own ego in your head. That’s why if you are honest God is always silent to you and everybody else waiting in desperation. 

P; Oh Lord forgive him, he doesn’t know what he is saying, He’s lost his mind!

A; It’s your defeated ego in your head pretending to forgive me. A deflated ego will sweat it out in uncertainty and confusion.

P; What! Oh no, you are one of those horrible atheists or worse, you’re not a a catholic are you? And hey, I’m doing the converting here, not you!

A: Ha, yeah that’s funny in itself isn’t it? Converting to what?

P; Well, I have news! The end of times is coming and you will see then, and the Lord will be very angry and show his love by destroying mankind!

A; That would make him  a baby throwing his toys out of the pram that he himself had created. That would make him a bad workman and hopeless creator. I hope He’s on his way then we can all go to hell together, me you and all the other Christian denominations who have obviously got it all wrong and then we can get on with our lives and live like responsible adults.

P; Uhh, What?

A; You bring the matches, I’ll bring the gasoline!

Anne Key


Where’s the Product?



I was staying in England promoting my business which involved the setting up of product seminars.  At the end of each seminar there would be a “Testimonials” slot for the for the final sell or the big push. This was my business in an entrepreneurs market.

Although I was very busy I needed to keep my christian faith ticking over so I joined the christian Alpha course in a local church.


On the first night of the Alpha course it was jam packed with attendees. The Alpha course promised to answer “Tough Questions” regarding God and Christianity.

We were put into groups to ask questions and discuss Jesus, God and faith in christianity. The problem was that the lady and young boy leading our group were not theologically educated.

To combat this I said that I would make a commitment to study my [largely unread] King James bible in my spare time and add something beneficial to the group and perhaps convince non believers rejoice and bathe in the glorious word of God.


When one hasn’t read the bible properly for many years [chapter by chapter] one forgets what a piece of badly written, incoherent and illogical nonsense it is.

I was a hard core believer and felt that nothing could shake the solid foundations of my faith. But, as I read the bible I was actually stunned.

Firstly by Abraham. Was he incestuous? Was he a murderer in waiting? Was Cain and Able a dreadful and deliberate racist ploy [The mark of Cain. He beat Cain’s face with hail, his face blackening like coal?]

The one story that appalled me to the point of repulsion and made me question christian morality was the story of Lot and his daughters. I realised at that moment that it was me who needed theological help and not the non believers.

THEOLOGIANS ARISE [If you’ve got the balls!]

I asked with sincerity the “Tough questions” because I needed reassurance. But I quickly learnt that as usual a theologian does not like being made to feel and look uncomfortable in front of his flock. And worse, a theologian does not like to sound and look like they lack knowledge in front of anyone. But I had to ask “Tough question” as advertised. Isn’t  this what my Lord God was ordering me to do?


“If it was Gods will and he commanded you [Mr Thoelogian] would you let your daughters be raped? Would you impregnate your own child? Would you let hundreds of men rape and abuse you daughters?” I asked with sincerity.

“What does the story of Lot mean/represent, Isn’t this story immoral and downright evil. What is this doing in the bible. What are we supposed to make of this?”

The answer was always whispered with the same lame murmur, “Oh  don’t worry about it. it is just OT. We follow Jesus and Paul now”. But I argued “Isn’t this the inerrant word of our Lord God, isn’t this His word?” Ironically it fell on deaf ears.

I wasn’t being awkward but I needed answers. The theologian for all his talk and policy regarding tough questions was just plain sissy and made to look very foolish by his own inability to make sense of it all even to himself. This was not helpful to believers and non believers alike.

This turning away from answering key christian questions was a big problem because it showed their discomfort and fear of confrontation.

The bible stories were/are bad and they could not be transformed into a happy loving fairytale by a loving God via apologetics. One gentleman [a far to clever Atheist] was asked in no uncertain terms to leave the Alpha course. He was I believe emailed not to come back [He may well have de-covereted his group].


It’s easy to see now because the answers were unanswerable.

Rape and incest is rape and incest. Racism is racism and murder is murder. To say that we are not to question God on his word is just weak and sly. The acts portrayed in these bible stories were/are immoral and wicked. Tough questions my ass!


By now 50% of the attendees had left. Ironically a lot of this was due to the singing. The same monotonous song was sung with the chorus on loop.”I really really love you cause you’re my God, yes, I really really love you, etc etc etc”.

It was the first time that I had ever been in a church where half the attendees were very self conscious whilst looking at the floor closed mouth twiddling their thumbs to the joyous tones of God!

THE FIRST CRACK: I could’nt believe it, But I am a believer!

The night came when the talk about evidence was given. As usual the speaker spoke in soft tones. When he had finally finished I waited in eager anticipation to hear the exciting evidence. But no, he had just given the evidence.

WHAT! He only mentioned a bit about Josephus after he had rambled on and on about CS Lewis. I was shocked!

That evening I made my way to a 24/7 internet cafe and surfed high and lo for evidence. I did this over the next week for two hours per night.


I found that the gospels were written 30 to 100 plus years after the supposed death of Jesus. The authors names were not that of real people or the actual writers of the gospels. The misogynistic council of Nicea reared it’s ugly head along with the books and other gospels that didn’t make it into the bible like the Gospel of Thomas [with a very different Jesus than the one promoted in churches]. Gnosticism and the early christians were very different compared to the new christianity glued together by a group of power hungry men in their the official canon.

The birth narratives conflicted and lacked all credibility, Egypt, Bethlehem? What! This is incomprehensible, which author is telling the truth? Neither? What a mess.

The bible contradicted itself over and over, and just got plain silly e,g Isaiah 45.7 ” I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things“. So God now creates evil? The list just went on and on.

All of this I could handle because I still had faith, but the one thing I could not handle was this:

There was evidence galore “against” the existence of Jesus but very little “for” the existence of Jesus.

He was God’s son after all so surely there must be volumes of historical evidence? It was heartbreaking to bear witness to scraps and non evidential titbits of impotent apologetics. Historically it was bordering on embarrassing. Even Nazereth didn’t exist!


To end the Alpha course there was a big supper where food and wine was served. This was to get the new recruits buttered up for the next Alpha course.

I hadn’t realised it but his was really the final nail in the coffin for me.

I was shocked because for all to see was the sales persons super tool the “Testimonial”. I could’nt believe it. Whoever constructed the Alpha course must have employed or be an entrepreneur. This was business not spirit and I knew this business model like the back of my hand and how it works. It is a good model. But in this case it was just damn manipulative,

A hapless individual is taken upon the stage.

Speaker. “So tell me Fred how did the Holy Spirit come to you”,

Hapless individual. “Well I was putting my washing out and all of a sudden I felt a strange but amazing feeling and I felt very happy, clean and new”.

Speaker. “Wow, that must have been an amazing day, will you always remember that day?”

Hapless individual. “Well, I can’t forget it because it was my birthday and my wife had bought me a new car and she had let me ravish her body all morning. I don’t know what it was about that day but I just felt really good and very happy, I am sure it was the Holy Ghost”. 


It just hit me there and then like a blinding light from Damascus. This is a business. A business unlike any other. THIS IS A BUSINESS WITHOUT A PRODUCT.

CHRISTIAN BUSINESS MODEL = A man stands on a platform and reads out a fairytale. A group of people in a large room speak to thin air. The people put some money on a plate needlessly. The people go home. 

There isn’t a product. Payement for what? Where’s the product?

The church is a company that can’t pay out, isn’t paying out and will never pay out because it doesn’t have a product to profit from or for it to pay out on. The customer puts way too much trust and finance into this company. It’s not the customer  writing the ” iou’s”, It’s the company. This company exists by iou’s and nothing else. 

HOLD ON: What about the promise?

Well, Jesus has been in the post for the last two thousand years. He’s not coming back because he never arrived in the first place, so he can’t come back even if Me, Tom, Dick, Harry, Martha and Mable wanted him to because he doesn’t have a tangible existence to exist by.


You just can’t give what you don’t have. You can’t promise what you don’t and cannot possess. Faith without works [ Works being tangible] is what? answer = Dead.

You can’t promise or profit from that which you have not seen, touched, smelt or tasted and hence is not in actual existence. Anything believed in or promised outside of this is fantasy or delusion.

Dead = Not in existence or existing in a form without life and of NO USE TO ANYTHING OR ANYBODY!

Even those with faith look to tangibles like crucifixes and miracles or the financing of historical excavations. Many still seek the Ark [Even God was sort of tangible in the Ark] and other holy relics.

The churches swallow “Mammon” in large doses. The customer awaits in silent expectation. The product is never delivered. It can’t be delivered because there isn’t one.


Leaving the Alpha course I felt tears on my face. Theses were not tears of pain but tears of joy.

I wasn’t happy about losing my faith, that was hard, but I was very happy because I had met myself for the first time in my life and I really liked the guy I had met. Yes, I can be a bit of a hothead and a bit hard headed at times, but, I realised that I am a pretty good guy and that I will not concede where truth is concerned.


As time went on from the Alpha course I went from Agnostic to Buddhist to Spiritual and finally after reading much about Science [that actually has evidence] I became A.T.H.E.I.S.T.

I don’t like the word atheist because really we are all atheists. I don’t think that the 7th day Adventists worship the same god as the Catholics. Or the Catholics the same god as the Hare Krishna’s. People are only pretending. Some pretend harder than others. Thats all it was and all it ever was.


I have confidence that the internet [sort of tangible?] will do the rest of the work for humanity. Information is available and free of charge and easy to access for anybody anywhere. You can’t sell people what you don’t have and what doesn’t exist forever. People can now research this business without a product online and make their own conclusions. As for me… well, I’m outta here!

Bob Keye 2015

Translating jesus [My De-Conversion]


One day for some unknown reason I just started to TRANSLATE what was being said. The church leader needed to make up the numbers and was in full force selling jesus. As I listened it just  started to get more and more absurd. This is my “Translation” of a conversation made to a new ambitious young recruit that changed my life forever.

CHURCHMAN: Hi, I would like to tell you about jesus,


CM: Well, jesus is amazing, he is 2000 years old. jesus did all sorts of unbelievable feats and he’s going to return very soon on a white horse!

YR; Wow, thats incredible, he sounds like an amazing man.

CM; No, he’s not a man, he’s god. He is the one true god but he is also his son and so they created the trinity to make it all clear. We have god the father, the holy ghost and his son jesus who is himself but not himself but who is his dad but not at the level of god his dad who is the one true god who is not polytheistic but singular and all encompassing in all aspects who is the Jewish polytheistic god of war.

YR; Wow, yes, that really makes sense,

CM; Certainly it does, and in order to save mankind he created his mother Mary and then impregnated her without sex and gave birth to himself!

YR; Mind blowing stuff!

CM; And guess what,

YR; What?

CM; It wan’t incest. No siree, It was simply miraculous, thats all, a miracle of jesus and his dad god who isn’t the holy spirit but employed the seed of the holy spirit for his son who planned it but who wasn’t born at the time.

YR;  That”s truly miraculous!

CM; Yes, you’ve got to hand it to jesus brother!

YR; Amen, there! So jesus really cares for us?

CM; Oh, yes, jesus is so loving and he really wanted to help the people and to show that love so he made a big fire that’s eternal. And in order to love his neighbour as himself and turn the other cheek he’s going to throw all those that won’t listen to him in it to burn forever!

YR; Wow, he must be a really loving guy,

CM; Remember, he’s the alpha and omega, he is all that is, that was, that could be, but not all that won’t be, or isn’t or might be or might not be. He is the word, the logos, the omega the beginning, the end and some parts in the middle too.

YR; Yeah, jesus sounds really cool,

CM; jesus is super cool, but, jesus doesn’t approve of sex though. He was a virgin all his life.

YR; But wasn’t he lonely?

CM; Never! He had an underage boyfriend his beloved disciple called john. But guess what,

YR: What?

CM; He wasn’t gay or a phaedophile!

YR; Wow. This jesus must be extraordinary.

CM: Yeah, nothing is impossible to jesus.

YR; Tell me more

CM:  jesus died to save the mankind and overcome the world that he didn’t need to overcome as he is not in the world and was non existent at the time of his dad’s creation, although he created it himself.

YR; Awesome! This is all so mysterious.

CM; Praise the lord yes. Even god is sometimes mystified by his moves from his mysterious ways.

YR; Tell me more about jesus.

CM; Well, his trusted friend judas sold him out. But, judas paid the price in the end by hanging himself as he didn’t because he fell over a cliff.

YR; How do you know this?

CM; God left us a book called the bible, It is the inerrant word and every word is  the perfect word of  god. Not a single word can be changed. We use the King James version as it is the best translation from Hebrew into Aramaic into greek into French into English.

YR; Yeah, the evidence is all there I suppose?

CM; Oh, definitely. Anyway, to cut a long story short, jesus then came back from the dead. And had saved the world. And now the only way back to god his dad who is him but not him is through jesus.

YR. Wow, you have overwhelming evidence there I think.

CM; The evidence is all there in the bible providing you don’t read it.

YR; But why did jesus need to save mankind in the first place?

CM; Well, his dad created the world with a perfect plan that cannot be changed by giving man free will. Man then disobeyed god by using his free will that was written in the plan that god created so that man would disobey god and hence god could then destroy man and then redeem him. Actually it was women who made man fall by listening to a talking snake. So the blame is really on women.

YR; I see, yes that makes perfect sense, But I like women and I love my mum,

CM; Yeah, it’s just that in this religion we have nothing against women, but, it is just that we see them as secondary or even less and many of us are insecure misogynistic, bigoted, ignorant, male chauvinist pigs. But, remember that jesus loved women so much that he let them bend down on their knees and wash his feet.

YR; Praise to jesus, he is just so awesome! What happened next?

CM; god wiped out the human race in a flood that he copied and pasted from Gilgamesh. But that wasn’t enough so he later got King Herod to kill all the new born babies who couldn’t understand or fight back to have their throats cut and be murdered so that his son jesus could be born. Of course this was an act of love and not cowardice.

YR; Wow, this god truly is love,

CM; Yes, god is only love and jesus is so loving and that’s why jesus preached peace and came to bring sword and divide father from son and mother from daughter.

YR; And what happens to mankind when jesus comes out of the clouds on his white horse?

CM; Well,  jesus will take all those that love him back to his dad’s place called heaven, and then let everyone else on the planet die in a horrible, brutal, bloody, terrifying cesspit!

YR; Nobody is a loving as jesus!


Well there it is. I just couldn’t help but TRANSLATE what was actually being said!. I thought to myself, why I am I thinking and hearing it all like this, this hasn’t happened before. In desperation I consulted the bible, but it got worse and worse and it all kept falling apart layer after layer. god was silent or out to lunch and jesus had just become a new testament contradictory joke!

Difficult as it was there was simply no going back.. But what bothered me the most was this. Do the people who sell this stuff and who have read and studied the bible, the birth narratives, the crucifixion accounts really believe this stuff? I mean, they have spent years analysing and justifying the contractions and nonsensical non-sense that is the bible. The trinity, the jesus accounts, the contradictions, the history. I mean jesus isn’t even mentioned in history,[ only twice by Josephesus]. Surely there would be volumes written about him!

Anyway, that’s my deconversion. Simple, just TRANSLATE what is actually being said and then read the bible et al and it will all dissolve. It is all a very childish, immature infantile and silly affair, that is a mockery unto itself.


Anne R Keye 2014








Wow! I think that I will paint my masterpiece now!

Love to you al

Anne E Keye 2014

jesus is a human construct


Whoever told you that jesus was the prince of peace was out to lunch, So think again, or better still read.

Let us look at this insane human construct in action,

Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division: For from henceforth there shall be five in one house divided, three against two, and two against three. The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother; the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.

-Luke 12:51-53

also [“Sword and struggle”]

That means to DIVIDE people, and that’s people that I am sure you love and care for dearly, like your mother and father and your children.

Okay, I will deliver you one more for emphasis,

LUKE 21.47

“The servant who knows the master’s will and does not get ready or does not do what the master wants will be beaten with many blows”.

Once again It’s the usual suspects dear christian friend. Read your bible from beginning to end. Because it is always as I inform you. You are affected by this and it is you who will have to reason and justify what you cannot ever reason and justify.

Morality in this instance has been abolished by the sneaky construct. And hence credence given to this by any sane moral individual reveals an unstable mindset. You will be less than human and an immoral deviant should you remain in ignorance. In this case it is not bliss at all, but damaging and self revealing. Morality is the watchword here my dear friends,

Ignorance or morality? The choice is in your hands, hearts and minds.

Love to you all

Anne R Keye 2014




Dialogue between a Priest and a Dying Man By the Marquis de Sade

PRIEST: Now that the fatal hour is upon you wherein the veil of illusion is torn aside only to confront every deluded man with the cruel tally of his errors and vices, do you, my

son, earnestly repent of the many sins to which you were led by weakness and human frailty?

DYING MAN: Yes, I do so repent.

PRIEST: Then in the short space you have left, profit from such timely remorse to ask that you be given general absolution of your sins, believing that only by considering the reverence of the most comfortable and holy sacrament of penitence may you hope for forgiveness at the hand of Almighty God our Eternal Father.

DYING MAN: I understand you no better than you have understood me. PRIEST: What’s that?
DYING MAN: I said I repented.
PRIEST: I heard you.

DYING MAN: Yes, but you did not understand what I meant.

PRIEST: But what other interpretation…?

DYING MAN: The one I shall now give. I was created by Nature with the keenest appetites and the strongest of passions and was put on this earth with the sole purpose of placating both by surrendering to them. They are components of my created self and are no more than mechanical parts necessary to the functioning of Nature’s basic purposes. Or if you prefer, they are incidental effects essential to her designs for me and conform entirely to her laws. I repent only that I never sufficiently acknowledged the omnipotence of Nature and my remorse is directed solely against the modest use I made of those faculties, criminal in your eyes but perfectly straightforward in mine, which she gave me to use in her service. I did at times resist her, and am heartily sorry for it. I was blinded by the absurdity of your doctrines to which I resorted to fight the violence of desires planted in me by a power more divinely inspired by far, and I now repent of having done so. I picked only flowers when I could have gathered in a much greater harvest of ripe fruits. Such is the proper cause of my regret; respect me enough to impute no other to me.

PRIEST: To what a pass have you been brought by your errors! How misled you have been by such sophisms! You attribute to the created world all the power of the Creator! Do


you not see that the lamentable tendencies which have misdirected your steps are themselves no more than effects of that same corrupt Nature to which you attribute omnipotence?

DYING MAN: It seems to me that your reasoning is as empty as your head. I wish that you would argue more rationally or else just let me alone to die in peace. What do you mean by ‘Creator’? What do you understand by ‘corrupt Nature’?

PRIEST: The Creator is the Master of the Universe. All that was created was created by Him, everything was made by His hand, and His creation is maintained as a simple effect of His omnipotence.

DYING MAN: Well now, He must be a very great man indeed! In which case, tell me why this man of yours, who is so powerful, nevertheless made Nature ‘corrupt’, as you put it.

PRIEST: But what merit would men have had if God had not given them free will? What merit would there be in its exercise if, in this life, it were not as possible to choose good as it were to avoid evil?

DYING MAN: So your God proceeded to make the world askew simply to tempt and test man. Did He then not know His creature? And did He not know the outcome?

PRIEST: Of course He knew His creature but, in addition, He wished to leave him the merit of choosing wisely.

DYING MAN: But what for? He knew all along what His creature would choose and it was within His power— for you say that He is all-powerful—well within His power, say I, to see to it that he chose correctly?

PRIEST: Who can comprehend the vast and infinite purpose which God has for man? Where is even the man who understands all things visible?

DYING MAN: Anyone who sees things simply, and especially the man who does not go looking for a multiplicity of causes with which to obscure the effects. Why do you need a second difficulty when you cannot explain the first? If we admit it is possible that Nature alone is responsible for creating what you attribute to your God, why do you insist on looking for a master hand? The cause of what you do not comprehend may be the simplest thing there is. Study physics and you will understand Nature better; learn to think clearly, cast out your preconceived ideas and you will have no need of this God of yours.

PRIEST: Miserable sinner! I understood you were no more than a Socinian1 and came armed with weapons to fight you. But since I see now that you are an atheist whose heart is


Socinianism was the doctrine of two Italian heresiarchs, Lælus Socinus (1525-62) and his nephew Faustus (1539-1604), which, with some differences, resembles that of modern Unitarianism. It argued that the only foundation on which Protestantism should be based was human reason, and Faustus combated the



closed to the authentic and innumerable proofs which are daily given us of the existence of the Creator, there is no point in my saying anything more. Sight cannot be restored to a blind man.

DYING MAN: Admit one thing: is not the blinder of two men surely he who puts a blindfold on his eyes, not he who removes it? You edify, you fabricate reasons, you multiply explanations, whereas I destroy and simplify the issues. You pile error on error, and I challenge all errors. So which of us is blind?

PRIEST: So you do not believe in God?

DYING MAN: No, and for a very simple reason: it is impossible to believe what one does not understand. There must always be an obvious connection between understanding and belief. Understanding is the prime condition of faith. Where there is no understanding, faith dies and those who do not understand yet say they believe are hypocrites. I defy you to say that you believe in the God whose praises you sing, because you cannot demonstrate His existence nor is it within your capacities to define His nature, which means that you do not understand Him and since you do not understand you are incapable of furnishing me with reasoned arguments. In other words, anything which is beyond the limits of human reason is either illusion or idle fancy, and since your God must be either one or the other, I should be mad to believe in the first and stupid to believe in the second. Prove to me that matter is inert, and I shall grant you a Creator. Show me that Nature is not sufficient unto herself, and I shall gladly allow you to give her a Master. But until you can do this, I shall not yield one inch. I am convinced only by evidence, and evidence is provided by my senses alone. Beyond their limits, I am powerless to believe in anything. I believe the sun exists because I can see it: I take it to be the centre where all of Nature’s flammable matter is gathered together and I am charmed but in no wise astonished by its regular courses. It is a phenomenon of physics, perhaps no more complex than the workings of electricity, which it is not given to us to understand. Need I say more? You can construct your God and set Him above such phenomena, but does that take me any further forward? Am I not required to make as much effort to understand the workman as to define His handiwork? Consequently, you have done me no service by erecting this illusion of yours. You have confused but not enlightened my mind and I owe you not gratitude but hatred. Your God is a machine which you have built to serve your own passions and you have set it to run according to their requirements. But you must see that I had no choice but to jettison your model the instant it fell out of step with my passions? At this moment, my weak soul stands in need of peace and philosophy: why do you now try to alarm it with your sophistry which will strike it with terror but not convert it, inflame it without making it better? My soul is what it pleased Nature to be, which is to say a consequence of the organs which Nature thought fit to implant in me in accordance with her purposes and needs. Now, since Nature needs vice as much as she needs virtue, she directed me towards the first when she found it expedient, and when she had need of the second, she filled me with the appropriate desires to which I surrendered equally promptly. Do not seek further than her laws

principal dogmas of the church: the divinity of Christ, original sin, propitiatory sacrifice, and everything which could not be justified in rational terms.



for the cause of our human inconsistency, and to explain her laws look not beyond her will and her needs.

PRIEST: And so everything in the world is necessary?

DYING MAN: Of course.

PRIEST: But if all is necessary, there must be order in everything?

DYING MAN: Who argues that there is not?

PRIEST: But who or what is capable of creating the order that exists if not an all- powerful, supremely wise hand?

DYING MAN: Will not gunpowder explode of necessity when lit by a match? PRIEST: Yes.
DYING MAN: And where is the wisdom in that?
PRIEST: There isn’t any.

DYING MAN: So you see it is possible that there are things which are necessary but were not wisely made, and it follows that it is equally possible that everything derives from a first cause in which there may be neither reason nor wisdom.

PRIEST: What are you driving at?

DYING MAN: I want to prove to you that it is possible that everything is simply what it is and what you see it to be, without its being the effect of some cause which was reasonable and wisely directed; that natural effects must have natural causes without there being any need to suppose that they had a non-natural origin such as your God who, as I have already observed, would require a good deal of explaining but would not of Himself explain anything; that therefore once it is conceded that God serves no useful purpose, He becomes completely irrelevant; that there is every likelihood that what is irrelevant is of no account and what is of no account is as nought. So, to convince myself that your God is an illusion, I need no other argument than that which is supplied by my certain knowledge that He serves no useful purpose.

PRIEST: If that is your attitude, I cannot think that there is any reason why I should discuss religion with you.

DYING MAN: Why ever not? I know nothing more entertaining than seeing for myself to what extravagant lengths men have taken fanaticism and imbecility in religious matters— excesses so unspeakable that the catalogue of aberrations, though ghastly, is, I always think, invariably fascinating to contemplate. Answer me this frankly, and above all, do not give self-



interested responses! If I were to be weak enough to let myself be talked into believing your ludicrous doctrines which prove the incredible existence of a being who makes religion necessary, which form of worship would you advise me to offer up to Him? Would you have me incline towards the idle fancies of Confucius or the nonsense of Brahma? Should I bow down before the Great Serpent of the Negro, the Moon and Stars of the Peruvian, or the God of Moses’ armies? Which of the sects of Muhammad would you suggest I join? Or which particular Christian heresy would you say was preferable to all the others? Think carefully before you answer.

PRIEST: Can there be any doubt about my reply?

DYING MAN: But that is a self-interested answer.

PRIEST: Not at all. In recommending my own beliefs to you, I love you as much as I love myself.

DYING MAN: By heeding such errors, you show little enough love for either of us. PRIEST: But who can be blind enough not to see the miracles of our Divine


DYING MAN: He who sees through Him as the most transparent of swindlers and the most tiresome of humbugs.

PRIEST: O Lord, thou hearest but speakest not with a voice of thunder!

DYING MAN: Quite so, and no voice is heard for the simple reason that your God, perhaps because He cannot or because He has too much sense or for whatever other reason you care to impute to a being whose existence I acknowledge only out of politeness or, if you prefer, to be as accommodating as I can to your petty views, no voice, I say, is heard because this God, if He exists as you are mad enough to believe, cannot possibly have set out to convince us by using means as ludicrous as those employed by your Jesus.

PRIEST: But what of the prophets, the miracles, the martyrs? Are not all these proofs?

DYING MAN: How, in terms of strict logic, can you expect me to accept as proof something which itself first needs to be proved? For a prophecy to be a proof, I must first be completely convinced that what was foretold was in fact fulfilled. Now since prophecies are part of history, they can have no more force in my mind than all other historical facts, of which three-quarters are highly dubious. If to this I were to add further the possibility, or rather the likelihood, that they were transmitted to me solely by historians with a vested interest, I should be, as you see, more than entitled to be sceptical. Moreover, who will reassure me that such and such a prophecy was not made after the event, or that it was not just politically or self-fulfillingly contrived, like the prediction which foretells a prosperous reign under a just king or forecasts frost in winter? If all this is in fact the case, how can you argue that prophecies, which stand in dire need of proof, can themselves ever become a proof? As



for your miracles, I am no more impressed by them than by prophecies. All swindlers have worked miracles and the stupid have believed in them. To be convinced of the truth of a miracle, I should have to be quite certain that the event which you would call miraculous ran absolutely counter to the laws of Nature, since only events occurring outside Nature can be deemed a miracle. But there, who is so learned in her ways to dare state at what point Nature ends and at what precise moment Nature is violated? Only two things are required to accredit an alleged miracle: a mountebank and a crowd of spineless lookers-on. There is absolutely no point looking for any other kind of origin for your miracles. All founders of new sects have been miracle-workers and, what is decidedly odder, they have always found imbeciles who believed them. Your Jesus never managed anything more prodigious than Apollonius of Tyana, and it would never enter anyone’s head to claim that he was a god. As to your martyrs, they are by far the weakest of all your arguments. Zeal and obstinacy are all it takes to make a martyr and if an alternative cause were to furnish me with as many martyred saints as you claim for yours, I should never have proper grounds for believing the one to be any better than the other but, on the contrary, should be very inclined to think that both were woefully inadequate. My dear fellow, if it were true that the God you preach really existed, would He need miracles, martyrs, and prophecies to establish His kingdom? And if, as you say, the heart of man is God’s handiwork, would not men’s hearts have been the temple He chose for His law? Surely this equitable law, since it emanates from a just God, would be equally and irresistibly imprinted in all of us, from one end of the universe to the other. All men, having in common this same delicate, sensitive organ, would also adopt a common approach to praising the God from whom they had received it. They would all have the same way of loving Him, the same way of adoring and serving Him, and it would be as impossible for them to mistake His nature as to resist the secret bidding of their hearts to praise Him. But instead of which, what do I find throughout the whole universe? As many gods as there are nations, as many ways of serving them as there are brains and fertile imaginations. Now, do you seriously believe that this multiplicity of opinions, among which I find it physically impossible to choose, is really the handiwork of a just God? No, preacher, you offend your God by showing Him to me in this light. Allow me to deny Him altogether, for if He exists, I should offend Him much less by my unbelief than you by your blasphemies. Think, preacher! Your Jesus was no better than Muhammad, Muhammad was no better than Moses, and none of these three was superior to Confucius, though Confucius did set down a number of perfectly valid principles whereas the others talked nonsense. But they and their ilk are mountebanks who have been mocked by thinking men, believed by the rabble, and should have been strung up by due process of law.

PRIEST: Alas, such was only too true in the case of one of the four.

DYING MAN: Yes, He who deserved it most. He was a seditious influence, an agitator, a bearer of false witness, a scoundrel, a lecher, a showman who performed crude tricks, a wicked and dangerous man. He knew exactly how to set about hoodwinking the public and was therefore eminently punishable in the type of kingdom and state of which Jerusalem was then a part. It was a very sound decision to remove Him and it is perhaps the only case in which my principles, which are incidentally very mild and tolerant, could ever admit the application of the full rigour of Themis. I forgive all errors save those which may imperil the government under which we live; kings and their majesty are the only things that I take on



trust and respect. The man who does not love his country and his King does not deserve to live.

PRIEST: But you do admit, do you not, that there is something after this life? It hardly seems possible that your mind has not on occasion turned to piercing the mystery of the fate which awaits us. What concept have you found to be more convincing than that of a multitude of punishments for the man who has lived badly and an eternity of rewards for the man who has lived well?

DYING MAN: Why, my dear fellow, the concept of nothingness! The idea never frightened me; it strikes me as consoling and simple. All other answers are the handiwork of pride,butmine istheproductofreason.Inanycase,nothingnessisneitherghastlynor absolute. Is not Nature’s never-ending process of generation and regeneration plain for my eyes to see? Nothing perishes, nothing on this earth is destroyed. Today a man, tomorrow a worm, the day after a fly—what is this if not eternal life? And why do you believe that I should be rewarded for virtues I possess through no merit of my own, and punished for criminal acts over which I have no control? How can you reconcile the goodness of your alleged God with this principle? Can He have created me solely in order to enjoy punishing me—and punish me for choosing wrongly while denying me the freedom to choose well?

PRIEST: But you are free to choose.

DYING MAN: I am—but only according to your assumptions which do not withstand examination by reason. The doctrine of free will was invented solely so that you could devise the principle of Divine Grace which validated your garbled presuppositions. Is there a man alive who, seeing the scaffold standing next to his crime, would willingly commit a crime if he were free not to commit it? We are impelled by an irresistible power and are never, not for a single instant, in a position to steer a course in any direction except down the slope on which our feet are set. There are no virtues save those which are necessary to Nature’s ends and, reciprocally, no crime which she does not need for her purposes. Nature’s mastery lies precisely in the perfect balance which she maintains between virtue and crime. But can we be guilty if we move in the direction in which she pushes us? No more than the wasp which punctures your skin with its sting.

PRIEST: So it follows that even the greatest crimes should not give us cause to fear anything?

DYING MAN: I did not say that. It is enough that the law condemns and the sword of justice punishes for us to feel aversion or terror for such crimes. But once they have, regrettably, been committed, we must accept the inevitable and not surrender to remorse which is pointless. Remorse is null since it did not prevent us from committing the crime, and void since it does not enable us to make amends: it would be absurd to surrender to it and absurder still to fear punishment in the next world if we have been fortunate enough to escape it in this. God forbid that anyone should think that in saying this I seek to give enouragement to crime! Of course we must do everything we can to avoid criminal acts—but we must learn



to shun them through reason and not out of unfounded fears which lead nowhere, the effects of which are in any case neutralized in anyone endowed with strength of mind. Reason, yes reason alone must alert us to the fact that doing harm to others can never make us happy, and our hearts must make us feel that making others happy is the greatest joy which Nature grants us on this earth. All human morality is contained in these words: make others as happy as you yourself would be, and never serve them more ill than you would yourself be served. These, my dear fellow, are the only principles which we should follow. There is no need of religion or God to appreciate and act upon them: the sole requirement is a good heart. But, preacher, I feel my strength abandon me. Put aside your prejudices, be a man, be human, have no fear and no hope. Abandon your divinities and your creeds which have never served any purpose save to put a sword into the hand of man. The mere names of horrible gods and hideous faiths have caused more blood to be shed than all other wars and scourges on earth. Give up the idea of another world, for there is none. But do not turn your back on the pleasure in this of being happy yourself and of making others happy. It is the only means Nature affords you of enlarging and extending your capacity for life. My dear fellow, sensuality was ever the dearest to me of all my possessions. All my life, I have bowed down before its idols and always wished toendmydaysinitsarms.Mytimedrawsnear.Six womenmorebeautifulthansunlightare in the room adjoining. I was keeping them all for this moment. Take your share of them and, pillowed on their bosoms, try to forget, as I do, the vain sophisms of superstition and the stupid errors of hypocrisy.


The Dying Man rang, the women entered the room, and in their arms the priest became a man corrupted by Nature— and all because he had been unable to explain what he meant by Corrupted Nature.

Classic Writing!

Love to you all,

Anne R Keye 2014

Christians are Backsliders!


Why are christians backsliding nowadays?

Why, oh dear christian readers don’t you have the strength and faith to follow your convictions? Why have you become so weak?

What are you so scared of?

I was reading a book that a dear old christian lady was studying as requested by her church.

I asked her where jesus was in this book? Where’s the teachings of jesus in here?

Oh, she replied, we don’t use him anymore for reference,

What, I exclaimed!

No, she said, we follow the writings of paul nowadays.

It was truly amazing to behold. That means that 3/4 of the bible is discarded. [That being the OT and God]. And now most of the NT [Thats his son isn’t it?] And now a few sorry chapters left.

What happens when pauls THORN IN HIS SIDE is questioned and opened up. Meaning Paul’s hommo-sexuality. Then I suppose like jesus’s beloved disciple [Greek, meaning young boy lover] paul will also be dropped out of sight.

Who will replace paul? Who dear christian?

Please have the courage of your convictions. Even if you realise that your religion doesn’t have legs to stand on. Please at least have the guts to stand by what you are supposed to believe. And as for the bible, there isn’t much left in there for you anymore I suppose is there?

So, dear friends it’s all or nothing here. Backslide anymore and you won’t have a religion to backslide from.

Do you now see, feel and realise that your world lays on fragile ground with infertile soil? If not then take your pedestal and stop backsliding.


I wish you all luck and love

Anne R Keye 2014